This document is an English translation of the “freee Accessibility Guidelines.” The normative version of this document is in Japanese, and the English version is informational. The English translation is incomplete, and any links with their link texts left in Japanese are untranslated. Please be aware that there may be inaccuracies in the translation or parts that are outdated.

About Editing This Document

This document is managed in the following repository on GitHub:

For content modifications, additions, or corrections of typos and errors, please notify us through the Issues or Pull Requests in the above repository.

If you wish to create a Pull Request, first fork the above repository. Create a working branch in your forked repository, make the necessary changes, and then create a Pull Request against the develop branch of the above repository. Below, we summarize the information related to editing this document.

Setting Up Your Working Environment

Required Environment

To process the source of this document and generate HTML files, an environment where Python and GNU Make can run is required.

In our development environment, we have confirmed the operation with Python 3.9.x and GNU Make 4.3.

Building the Development Environment

First, clone the forked git repository. This repository includes the Deque Systems Inc.’s axe-core repository as a submodule, so please specify the --recursive option when executing git clone:

git clone --recursive <<repository-path>

Afterward, if necessary, execute the following command to update the submodule:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Next, install the required Python modules:

pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Generating HTML Files

The information needed to generate HTML files is described in the Makefile, and GNU Make is required.

Execute the following in the repository’s top directory to generate HTML files:

make html

In environments where it is necessary to run the python command as an alias such as python3, execute it as follows:

make PYTHON=python3 html

The generated HTML files are output under ja/build/html for the Japanese version and under en/build/html for the English version.

Source Code

This document is created with the assumption that it will be processed by Sphinx. Overall, it is written in reStructuredText (reST), but guidelines, checklist items, and FAQs are processed by converting files written in YAML into reST.

The repository’s root directory contains the following directories:


Files written in Japanese reST are included.


Contains files translated from the ja directory into English. Untranslated files are included in Japanese as they are.


Contains YAML files describing the contents of guidelines, checklist items, FAQs, and related information.


Contains schema definitions for files in the yaml directory and files needed to process these files.


Contains scripts and related files needed to generate the required reST files. Originally, it was a script for processing YAML files and outputting reST files, thus the name, but now it also includes the functionality to process the source code of axe-core and output the necessary reST file.


Contains the source code of repositories referenced as submodules. Currently, this includes the source code of axe-core.

Executing yaml2rst

Executing the tools/yaml2rst/ script allows you to generate the necessary reST files. There are several command-line options, but the following two are necessary for manual execution:

--lang or -l option

Specifies the language of the reST files to output. Specify ja for Japanese and en for English.

--basedir or -b option

Specifies the directory where the data directory is located. This processes the YAML files in this directory to output reST files.

For example, executing the following in the repository’s root directory outputs the Japanese reST files in the ja/source/inc and ja/source/faq directories.

python tools/yaml2rst/ -l ja -b .

Note that executing make html in the root directory also includes the execution of this script, along with the necessary processes to output HTML for both the Japanese and English versions.

Editing Files

Guidelines, checklist items, and FAQs are edited by modifying the YAML files under the data/yaml directory. Pages that contain these items are structured to include reST files generated from these YAML files.

On the other hand, there are files primarily written in reST, such as those in the source/explanations directory. To modify these pages, edit the relevant reST files directly.

Notation Rules

The Japanese part of this document is written in accordance with the JTF Style Guide for Translators Working into Japanese published by the Japan Translation Federation. The .textlintrc in the repository’s root directory contains the rules of textlint currently in use, though it is not yet complete.

About the English Version

The normative version of this document is in Japanese. Currently, there are untranslated pages, and for these, the source of the Japanese version is included as it is. The English version is a translation of the content of the Japanese version, but where there are differences, the content of the Japanese version takes precedence.

We try to update the English version simultaneously with the Japanese version, but there are cases where the update of the Japanese version precedes.

Also, currently, there are untranslated pages, and for these, the source of the Japanese version is included as it is. We plan to progressively translate into English.

For pages where an English translation exists, including the following code in the source code of the Japanese version generates a link to the English version.

.. translated:: true