This document is an English translation of the “freee Accessibility Guidelines.” The normative version of this document is in Japanese, and the English version is informational. The English translation is incomplete, and any links with their link texts left in Japanese are untranslated. Please be aware that there may be inaccuracies in the translation or parts that are outdated.

The Bookmarklet to Display in Grayscale Breaks the Layout

Last Updated: December 22, 2023

Tags: Grayscale View

Question / Problem

When using the bookmarklet introduced in How to Switch to Grayscale Display to check the appearance when displaying in grayscale, the layout is broken. Should the result of the related checks be NG?

Answer / Conclusion

  • If the bookmarklet does not work properly, use the OS display switching function to display in grayscale and check.


The bookmarklet is provided for simple checks. Since it is for simple checks, it may not work properly depending on the page, and there are some reports that it did not work properly. In such cases, please use the display switching function of the operating systems introduced on the same page.

The purpose of the check to be performed by switching to grayscale is to check whether the content can be used properly when displayed in grayscale, and not to check whether the bookmarklet works properly.